Gas pressure regulator

TYPE: 390, 390-SPV

Gas pressure regulators are designed to perform two functions: reduction and regulation.
Their function is to reduce higher (input) pressure on lower (output) pressure. That value of pressure maintaines certain limit deviations from set values.
Gas pressure regulator type:390 and 390-SPV belong to the group of indirect acting regulators (equipped with pilot regulator and nominated to be used for low and medium pressures). Gas pressure regulator type :390-SPV is equipped with safety shut-off valve (high and low pressure activated shut-off valve) and with relief valve, in case of membrane rupture. It could be equipped with activation indicator.


Type designation

Dimension Pressure class Inlet pressure Outlet pressure
390 DN 25 ÷ DN 150
NPS 1“ ÷ 6“
PN 16
PN 25
20 bar
0,02 ÷ 12
Without Shut-off valve
390 -SPV With Shut-off valve
390 -SPV-V/N With Shut-off valve– High and low pressure activated shut-off valve

* SPV types can be equipped with shut-off valve activation indicator (type sufix –S)